The HTC Rhyme and the Pantech Breakout, two new Verizon phones, have both received new overview videos giving a breakdown on exactly why these phones are cool (or not). Both videos go over social networking, navigation, music, but best of all you’ll see the Rhyme’s wonderful little charm in action. The charm sticks out of the top of the phone like headphones are plugged in (see picture above) and I can’t imagine anyone actually using it. A laugh at the charm alone is well worth watching the video especially watching her answer the phone with it dangling as it looks completely rediculous. Don’t forget to check out the Pantech video as well because you have never seen people look so cool using their cell phone before. Pretty please share your thoughts on these two because I just can’t stop laughing. Check them both out after the break.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

[via droidlife]

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