Well, we all know how silly Google can get, and that’s just how it goes when you’re a multi-billion dollar company.  You can do whatever the heck you want to.  And with that, Google tends to cleverly hide little tidbits of joy within their OS on flagship devices, and your job is to dig deep and find them.  Well, the Easter Egg hunt is over in Ice Cream Sandwich as it’s finally been uncovered.  We’re not sure if this is just for the UK version of the Galaxy Nexus or not but it looks like the tidbit has been uncovered nonetheless.  If you jump into your system settings and tap on the Android version multiple times in a row, you’ll receive a greeting from a little Andy.  If you press on him and hold, he grows larger and larger until he transitions in to a slew of flying Nyan-Andys across your screen.  In addition, to further add to the silliness, in the ADT plug-in for LogCAt, someone made a bold request to change the log into a cat, and Google being Google was happy to oblige.  The logo has now been changed to the little Nyan-Andy for developers everywhere.  What you do you think of this go-around’s Easter Egg hunt?  Worth the hunt?  Or hardly worth the hunt?  Hit the break to check out the video demo.

YouTube Preview Image

[via Droid Life]

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