Canonical has shown us Ubuntu demos in the past, and now a new video has surfaced showing just how it transforms your phone into a full Ubuntu desktop. The video is in Portuguese since it took place at the International Free Software Forum in Brazil, but you can still get a lot out of what is shown.

Ubuntu runs in parallel to Android and kicks in when the phone gets docked to a monitor or TV. This is not an emulated instance, but rather a full, native Ubuntu environment that has access to all the phone’s data and features. This means that both Android and Ubuntu can share notifications, images, cameras, and much more. If a call comes in while docked, you can simply pick up the phone, take the call, and never miss a beat. Re-docking it switches back to the Ubuntu desktop right where you left off.

The biggest hurdle with this technology, however, is that the Ubuntu instance needs access to the phone’s drivers… a domain that is typically proprietary to the manufacturer. That means that Canonical will have to get the manufacturers to play ball if we’ll ever get to see this become widely available. Seems to me like partnerships could happen if manufacturers want to quickly add a WebTop-like (but  better) feature to their devices.

Check out the video after the break.

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source: unixmen
via:  droid life

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